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Led by Attorney Ryan Very, our Pittsburgh law firm delivers zealous advocacy grounded in personal integrity and one-on-one relationships. Founded in 2015, Very Law is conveniently located in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the 29th floor of the Bank of New York Mellon Center on Grant Street. Asking "how can we help?" The Very Law team of attorneys and support staff is motivated by the desire to help people when they need it most. People who are in the market for an attorney are often going through a challenging life stage or period of transition when experienced advocacy can make all the difference. Meeting our clients wherever they are in their lives, as individuals deserving of respect and a high level of personal service, is at the heart of our approach. Making the extra effort Our tenacity as legal advocates is matched only by our dedication to taking care of the little details. Things like returning phone calls, keeping you updated on your case, being accessible and available…even providing reminder messages for meetings, deadlines or court dates. It’s the small stuff, but it’s big to us. When you come to our office, we hope you feel welcome and valued. If there is ever anything we can do to make your experience with us even better (besides fighting as hard as we can to win your case), never hesitate to let us know.