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David M. Lurie

David M. Lurie

If you are in Missouri or Kansas, or visiting from out of town, and need experienced and effective criminal defense, you are in the right place. For more than 40...

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Denise Kirby Law Offices

Denise Kirby Law Offices

I began practicing law in 1994. I am a member in good standing with the State Bars of Missouri and Kansas. I am the President of The Missouri DWI Defense...

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Jungle Law Firm

Jungle Law Firm

Protecting your future, your freedom, and your rights is vital after you have been accused or arrested for any alleged criminal offense. At JUNGLE LAW, we examine defenses that our...

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Mr. Kane has extensive experience in aggressively defending DUI and DWI charges, as well as a multitude of criminal charges (both felony and misdemeanor) throughout Missouri and Kansas. We have...

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Nigro Law Firm, LLC

Nigro Law Firm, LLC

We specialize in helping clients in all aspects of criminal law. For more than 20 years, we have provided high quality representation and effective legal services to our clients. We...

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Solomon & Peter LLP

Solomon & Peter LLP

Garrett is a graduate of Kansas University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. Immediately after graduating from Law School, he went to work for the Missouri Public...

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Spradlin Kennedy Law Firm

Spradlin Kennedy Law Firm

Attorneys Tracy Spradlin and Dan Kennedy offer both personal attention and aggressive advocacy for Missouri and Kansas residents facing criminal charges. Tracy Spradlin’s experience in the City Prosecutor’s Office in...

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Steve Schanker, Attorney at Law

Steve Schanker, Attorney at Law

Whether an alleged repeat offense or first time, DUI Attorney Steve Schanker is available, dependable, and determined to help you win your case. He recently won an appeal of a...

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The O’Connor Law Firm PC

The O’Connor Law Firm PC

At the O’Connor Law Firm, you receive not only the knowledge of one of the most experienced personal injury attorneys in Kansas City Missouri – But the security of knowing...

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The Watt Law Firm, LLC

The Watt Law Firm, LLC

Greg Watt received his B.F.A. from Emporia State, M.A. from Kansas State, and J.D. from The University of Tulsa College of Law. Greg began his career working as the associate...

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Wichman Law Firm, LLC

Wichman Law Firm, LLC

If you are charged with a criminal offense for a minor crime such as theft or a violent crime such as rape, domestic assault or homicide, you will immediately plunge...

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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you're going to need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City MO. Finding these lawyers in Kansas City MO can be difficult when there are so many options available. Below are some steps on how to find the best Kansas City attorneys for your criminal defense case!

In order to find the best criminal defense attorney in Kansas City MO for your case, you'll need to do some research. The first thing you can do is talk with friends and family members about who they've used in the past or what their go-to lawyer is. You could also ask if any of them have had experience using a law firm in the Kansas City area.


When Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney in Kansas City MO?

A criminal defense attorney is an attorney working at a law firm that will represent you if you are accused of breaking the law if you are in Kansas City MO. This person will handle your case for both sides, so it's important to find someone who can provide a strong legal argument and has experience with handling cases like yours. Common crimes include DWI charges, domestic violence, theft, robbery, assault and battery or other offenses! The sooner you contact an attorney in Kansas City MO, the better because they'll need time to work on your behalf - but don't wait too long though! If you happen to have any record of violent crimes in Kansas City Missouri then bail may be set at $100000 cash only which would make it difficult for most people to post bond. A good place to start looking for an attorney is online where there are many websites ranking criminal defense lawyers in the Kansas City MO area based on their reviews, such as TopLocals.


When Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It is important to find a qualified criminal defense attorney if you are charged or arrested for any crime. Crimes that a lawyer can help with include theft, DWI, traffic tickets, physical assault and battery even murder! The earlier you contact an attorney the better because they need time to consult their client.

A good way to start looking for a lawyer is through an internet search. There are many sites that rank Kansas City MO lawyers based on reputation by reviews from previous clients with similar charges and ratings such as this one which provide some insight into the professionalism of the criminal defense lawyer in their field.

Another option in finding a qualified lawyer is word-of-mouth; however, some friends or family may be unwilling to share legal knowledge with you. It's important to look for a criminal defense lawyer that has experience dealing with criminal law in Kansas City Missouri.


What Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

This is a difficult question to answer because the function of a criminal defense attorney in Kansas City MO varies depending on their specialty, years of experience, and region. In general however, a lawyer will use legal knowledge to protect those accused or convicted of crimes against wrongful conviction, unfair sentencing, and unjust convictions. A lawyer may do this by defending Kansas City MO clients in court as well as representing them before various tribunals - sometimes even working for public interest organizations such as Amnesty International. Ultimately though it depends on what type of crime you're being investigated for or charged with in Kansas City MO.


Common Criminal Defense Charges

The most common criminal defense charges include:


Assault and Battery (misdemeanor or felony)

Assault is the use of force while battery is hitting someone with that force. In both cases, an attack must be intentional in order to qualify as assault or battery. This means it would have been necessary for defendant to know that their actions were causing harm. A good example might be pushing someone out of the way on a crowded sidewalk - stepping onto them accidentally does not count because there was no intent to cause harm (this isn't always true if you are being push into traffic). Intentionally breaking another person's arm by stomping on it counts because pain and injury were intended results from this action. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will understand the nuances of Kansas City MO law and be able to help you in your case.


Drug Crimes in Kansas City MO

Drugs are a common concern in the criminal law field. Many people do not realize that there is a lot of overlap between the laws relating to drugs and those related to other criminal offenses, such as theft or assault. For example, if someone stole something from somebody else while they were intoxicated on alcohol then both charges may be applicable depending on how severe their intoxication was and what state they live in.

The penalties for drug-related charges depend largely upon which type of classification it falls under:


Misdemeanor Drug Crime in Kansas City MO

A misdemeanor crime is when a person uses, possesses or distributes illegal substances. Depending on the laws in their state, this might be called a felony if they have previous convictions for it and/or were using large quantities of an illegal substance. Penalties can include fines as well as jail time ranging from six months to two years depending on how many times they've been convicted before. An attorney experienced in criminal law should be able to help you with this type of charge.


Felony Drug Offenses in Kansas City, Missouri

A felony crime is when a person has been convicted of possession with the intent to distribute, manufacture or sale. This can be punished by fines as well as jail time ranging from one year in county jail up to 20 years depending on their previous convictions and if they were distributing in larger quantities.

Finding the best Kansas City criminal defense lawyer will involve not only knowing what type of charges you're facing but also your needs for representation such as do you need someone who specializes specifically in criminal defense law? Do they need to have a law office in Kansas City MO or the Kansas City area to provide the best legal service possible?

One great way to find a lawyer that suits your needs is through researching online reviews of the lawyer like this site's list of top ranked attorneys in Kansas City MO. You'll want a criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City MO who knows how to listen carefully and help devise strategies based upon your case specifics so it's important to find an attorney you like and trust.


Traffic Tickets in Kansas City MO

One of the most common reasons for criminal charges in Kansas City MO is traffic tickets. Traffic tickets are given to people who violate traffic laws on Missouri roads, usually by speeding and running red lights. Traffic tickets can be issued as infractions that carry fines but no jail time if they're paid immediately at court; these types of traffic tickets typically cost $100-$200 per offense. If you refuse to pay an outstanding fine, then you may risk being incarcerated without bail pending your trial date because failure to pay will result in an arrest warrant against your name in Kansas City MO. If this happens, it's important to hire a good criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City MO like one from our list so you don't have any more problems with the law down the road. A good lawyer will also help provide additional insight into your traffic tickets and how to best fight the charges.


DWI Charges in Kansas City MO

DUI and DWI charges are extremely serious. If you're charged with a DWI in Kansas City MO, then the consequences can be life changing as well as costly in regards to your time, money, and reputation. You could face legal penalties for a DWI between $500-$1000 for an infraction; this could mean up to one year of jail time if convicted on a misdemeanor DWI charge or two years of incarceration with fines guilty of felony DWI in Kansas City MO. It's important to hire a good DWI attorney in Kansas City MO so that you get the best defense possible while still preserving your rights under our Constitution.

A person who is arrested for suspicion of drunk driving may refuse breathalyzer testing at their own risk - meaning they'll automatically lose their license regardless of being convicted of a DWI charge in Kansas City MO. This makes it critically important to find a lawyer in Kansas City MO who has experience with DWI charges and traffic tickets in order to help you.


What To Do If You Are Facing Criminal Charges in Kansas City MO

If you are facing criminal charges such as a DWI or traffic tickets in Kansas City MO, one of the first things to do is find a great criminal defense lawyer with experience in Kansas City criminal law. You have many different options in selecting an attorney from your area; here are some questions that may help you select the right attorney for your needs:

What type of experience does this criminal defense lawyer have in Kansas City MO? Is it related to my case? For example, if your lawyer is experienced in traffic ticket law or DWI law, he may not be a suitable criminal defense lawyer for domestic violence charges.

Do I feel comfortable talking with and trusting this lawyer as my legal advocate in Kansas City MO on such personal matters? If not, then keep looking! It's important that you can trust your criminal defense lawyer who will be by your side during these difficult times.

How much does this law firm charge for their services? This varies based on many factors but most lawyers will offer a free consultation so you can discuss your DWI or traffic charge with an experienced criminal defense lawyer before hiring them. It's also a great way to get some free legal advice from an experienced attorney.


Tips For Hiring A Great Criminal Defense Lawyer

Talk to the criminal defense lawyers in Kansas City MO you're considering. You'll get a better sense of their experience, personality and pricing from an introductory phone call than anything else.

If the law firm charges by the hour, find out how many hours are included in their fee range; it's possible that one attorney in Kansas City charges $250 per hour but includes 40 hours while another attorney charges $500 per hour with only 20 hours offered as part time work.

Find referrals for reputable Kansas City criminal defense lawyers if you don't know anyone or want someone outside your network of friends and family members (or who may be biased). Contacting former clients is also helpful so ask about any specific experiences before making final decisions on which attorneys to hire!

Check the attorneys experience in Kansas City MO, including their years of experience as well as any specialties they have, such as traffic tickets or DWI law.

Ask about the lawyers past cases and how often they are in court in Kansas City MO; some criminal defense lawyers may have a higher volume of work than others which could be beneficial for you depending on your case.

The lawyers should also offer reasonable payment options up front so that there are no surprises if your financial situation changes after hiring the attorney. If it is an hourly fee, find out what type of billing increments will show up on your credit card statement to prevent unnecessary charges. Additionally, most criminal defense lawyers will offer a free consultation in Kansas City Missouri, so be sure to take advantage of that before hiring an attorney.


Questions To Ask Criminal Lawyers In Kansas City Missouri

Experience: How much criminal law experience does this law firm have, specifically in Kansas City MO?

Past Cases: What types of cases has the lawyer handled in Kansas City MO in the past and what kind of outcomes were there for those clients?

Costs: Can you afford to hire this attorney or will it cause a hardship on your family budget? Is the attorney willing to work with payment plans or alternative arrangements if needed so that you don't go bankrupt while trying to defend yourself against charges?


Kansas vs Missouri Criminal Law

There are many misconceptions about the difference between criminal law in Kansas and Missouri. Simply put, crimes that occur in a particular state will have different punishments depending on which state they occurred in. For example, if you commit murder in Kansas vs committing murder in Missouri, there is technically no change to your punishment as far as length of prison sentence or monetary fines because it was committed within either state's borders.

The only real way to tell differences would be by looking at the degree of crime: first-degree versus second-degree for example. These degrees can often come into play when determining sentencing including parole eligibility so it's important to know what each one means before hiring an attorney.

The most important thing to consider is that the lawyer you choose to work with is a resident of Kansas City MO and has a law office in the state. This helps ensure that your lawyer understands Kansas City MO law and can help defend your case according to the state's laws, regardless of its for a DWI or traffic tickets.


Why You Need A Criminal Lawyer in Missouri:

In Missouri, most crimes are divided into three degrees of severity: class A (most severe), class B and class C.

The degree of the crime in Kansas City MO will determine what sentence is prescribed for a convicted criminal."

Class A Crimes in Kansas City Missouri include that have sentences exceeding 20 years in prison or death penalty; first-degree murder; second-degree murder with aggravating circumstances like robbery gone bad; trafficking over 100 pounds or distribution to minors under 18. Class B includes those having possible penalties up to life imprisonment including armed criminal action, kidnapping, burglary. Finally Class C crimes would be misdemeanors punishable by less than one year which can include things such as trespassing.

Hiring the best criminal lawyer in Kansas City MO is essential for obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.

Kansas City criminal defense attorneys can help to minimize your sentence by negotiating with prosecutors and judges or even argue on your behalf in court.

You can tell from this list that there are many different types of crimes a lawyer can help you with in Kansas City MO, each one having a severity level assigned to it depending on how severe the crime committed was. Class A crimes in Kansas City MO include those which have sentences exceeding 20 years in prison or death penalty; first-degree murder; second-degree murder with aggravating circumstances like robbery gone bad; drug trafficking over 100 pounds or distribution to minors under 18. Class B includes those who could be penalized up to life imprisonment including armed criminal action, kidnapping, burglary. Finally Class C would be misdemeanors punishable up to one year in jail, including drug possession or DWI.

Typically a person who has been accused of committing an offense will be processed through the arrest process at which point they can have their charges reduced if not dropped entirely depending on what crimes were committed and whether there is enough evidence for conviction. This is where having Kansas City MO criminal defense lawyers comes into play - professionals who know how the system works and are skilled negotiators able to come up with viable solutions that protect your future interests while still providing you with peace of mind. If you need help from a lawyer in Kansas City, just browse the list above to find a qualified attorney and take advantage of a free consultation and legal advice for your case today.