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The Law Office of Edward J. Blum

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Prior to serving people accused of crimes, I served my country as an infantry soldier in the U.S. Army, obtaining the rank of Sergeant and leading an infantry squad. Protecting people’s rights has always been a mission of mine and transitioning to a career in law just made perfect sense. Since then, now with over 20 years of legal experience concentrating on Criminal Defense, defending numerous clients accused of violating California and Federal Criminal Law, I have a high success rate in obtaining favorable outcomes for my clients. MY LEGAL BACKGROUND In both State and Federal Courts, I defend clients accused of violating Criminal Law. Throughout my career, I have taken, defended and won numerous Writs and Appeals from Criminal judgments when the Trial Courts didn’t see things my client’s way. I am honored to be the Attorney of choice for many other attorneys when they choose an attorney to appeal their own clients’ cases. My clients have been accused of Murder, Assault and Battery, Child Abuse, Criminal Fraud, Drug Possession and Sale, Drunk Driving / DUI / DWI, Embezzlement, Felonies, Gun Possession, and Homicide. My extensive experience ranges from obtaining crucial evidence and information from the Police and Prosecution, making successful motions to suppress evidence or dismiss charges, negotiating beneficial plea bargains and Hearings to Trial cases, in front of Juries and Justices.