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Shane M. Farnsworth, P.A. was established in 1999. The firm was founded as a general practice. Eventually, Mr. Farnsworth began to work primarily in the area of personal injury and insurance law. Since that time, Mr. Farnsworth has successfully represented a multitude of victims injured by the negligence of others. Getting into any kind of accident, especially one that you are injured in, can be very disruptive to your life, and can have serious consequences that go far beyond the injury itself. You will likely run into a variety of economic and financial issues as a result of these injuries and will need to figure out how to best address these problems in order to move forward with your life and get past this experience. In an instance where someone else caused the accident, they should also be held liable for the consequences of the accident, including all of the financial issues that you will need to endure because of their negligence or recklessness. In a situation where an accident was caused by someone’s actions (or inactions) that led to other people being injured, this person is responsible for the accident and will need to make sure that the victims are covered under a personal injury claim against them or their insurance company. There is a wide range of instances where someone may be able to seek personal injury damages against someone in the form of a personal injury claim, whether through direct negotiations or a lawsuit and trial in the Florida courts. The path forward to a settlement depends on many different specifics of the accident, all of which you will be able to ascertain with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney like Shane M. Farnsworth, P.A.