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As child support representatives in Arizona, we advise parents that they are responsible for paying for any uninsured medical costs for their kids. Co-pays, prescription medications, and any other medical, dental, and/or visual expenses connected with a procedure or course of treatment that was deemed to be medically essential are included in this. These costs must be agreed upon by the parents to assess child support; if they are unable or unwilling to do so, the court will make the determination. The Arizona Guidelines provide that while deciding how to divide uninsured medical costs, the court should take the children's best interests into account as opposed to the parent's finances. The legal staff at Jensen Family Law is aware of the significance and possible conflict surrounding the subject of child support. For our customers who are dealing with child support challenges, we are dedicated to identifying workable solutions. Even if you are asking for a child support modification, our legal team of Arizona divorce lawyers will immovably and empathically ensure that your most valuable asset—your children—is safeguarded by outlining the Arizona child-supportive family to you. Services: • Divorce Lawyers Mesa AZ • Family Law Attorneys Mesa AZ

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