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Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Brian E. Watkins has extensive trial experience in both criminal and civil matters. He tried the biggest civil rights case in San Diego County and forced change in the San Diego police department’s use of force policies. He was instrumental in requiring police to use non-lethal weapons in dealing with unarmed persons.

Brian Watkins possesses the experience, integrity, and commitment that makes this San Diego criminal defense attorney your wisest choice when seeking criminal law guidance. He has years of experience in the courtroom and negotiating cases before they even reach trial. That experience allows him to aggressively defend every client’s liberty and livelihood.

When being prosecuted on criminal charges, your reputation is at stake. San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney, Brian Watkins & Associates is highly committed to helping you get a second chance, pursuing expungement whenever possible. He is also equipped to deal with alleged violations of parole and outstanding arrest warrants, working to ensure that you and getting a fair shake in the criminal justice system. Brian Watkins & Associates take the time to examine the conduct of law enforcement officials, obtain valuable witness accounts, and file all of the necessary motions to get the greatest positive result for you.