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Ferguson Hill Filous, PLLC

Ferguson Hill Filous, PLLC

Ferguson Hill Filous consists of three experienced criminal defense attorneys: Mariam Ferguson, Trevor Hill, and Katie Filous Malka. We are not a mill churning through cases. We have handled thousands...

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Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC

Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC

At the Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC, we represent clients all across the State of Arizona, as well as across the country. We represent clients throughout the State...

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Priscilla Frisby Attorney at Law PLLC

Priscilla Frisby Attorney at Law PLLC

Tucson Attorney Priscilla Frisby earned her law degree from California Western School of Law in 2008. She then quickly moved up to become a Rising Star, chosen by Super Lawyers...

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False accusations are not unheard of. What's difficult is proving the invalidity of the prosecution's argument, which can be beyond one's own capability unless you get a solid legal representation. Being accused of something that you've not done can be a mentally and emotionally exhausting endeavor. This is why a criminal defense lawyer should be hired as soon as a criminal charge is leveled against you. 

Such attorneys also help in reducing your sentence, bail, or charges through negotiation and discussion with the prosecution. If you live in the Tucson area, you can browse several listings of criminal defense lawyers in Tucson, Arizona at TopLocals. Simply head to our website and search for the service you need, along with your zip code, and voila! Compare the quotes and reviews of numerous defense lawyers. Schedule a free consultation with a law company today. 

What Can Criminal Defense Lawyers Do For You?


Criminal defense attorneys represent defendants accused of a crime, including white-collar crimes, and argue with the prosecution's evidence. In a nutshell, they defend their clients when criminal charges are leveled against them. A criminal defense attorney can be hired to fight an arrest, investigate a criminal case to prove the defendant's innocence, argue criminal charges, and sentencing, among many more. Defendants can work privately in a law office or work for the local, state, and federal governments. 

A good Tucson criminal defense attorney or law firm is familiar with the ins and outs of the criminal law of Tucson, AZ, as well as the criminal law on the federal level. They are well-versed in the Arizona court system and know how a district court works. Here is everything a Tuscan Criminal Defense attorney can do for you. Book a free consultation with a lawyer from TopLocals today:

Interview you about the case

A criminal defense lawyer would begin by asking you to narrate anything and everything surrounding the charges against you. Your attorney would expect you to be 100% honest about the charges, so they can help you reduce your criminal charges or sentence in the most effective way. 

Honesty is an integral part of the attorney-client relationship. The lawyer will ask you several questions, which would enable them to understand the case holistically and allow them to find strengths and weaknesses in the case. It's only through a thorough round of initial consultation that the lawyer would be able to bail you out of your woes. They would also answer questions you may have about the legal procedure of your case. Book a free consultation now. 

Investigating the case


To prove your innocence or reduce the charges, the criminal defense attorney would have to investigate the case to weaken the prosecution’s argument. They would have to gather evidence and account of the case. Most importantly, they would question the police about the procedures associated with the case. They would also defend you from unreasonable searches by law enforcement bodies.


The criminal defense lawyer might also speak to the witnesses of the incident and try to record statements that could be used in your favor in the court of law. AZ lawyers often try to get expert witnesses’ statements, as their testimony could be a turning point in the case. They also offer legal advice to the clients to help them decide how they want to go about the case. 

In addition to all this, criminal defense lawyers also have a right to review the prosecution’s case before sending it to the jury. This enables the lawyer to analyze the case and find possible loopholes to use against the prosecution to weaken or cripple their argument. Without a defense law firm, you'd be left to fend for yourself, with little weapons to defend yourself against the prosecution's wrath. If you want to schedule a free consultation with a criminal defense law firm, head to the TopLocals website. We would connect you with the best criminal defense law office for your legal needs. 

Plea bargaining


Skilled criminal defense attorneys are adept at negotiating plea deals, which essentially aim at reducing your sentence, charges, or bail. If your lawyer knows exactly what they are doing, they could help you nab a favorable deal by negotiating with the prosecution. Schedule a free consultation to get started.

Legal representation during the trial

Tucson criminal defense attorneys represent clients in the court of law during the trial before a judge or the jury. After much research, investigation, and negotiation, your Tucson criminal defense attorney would examine the statements of the witnesses, cross-examine, and endeavor to prove that there is no substantial evidence corroborating the charges leveled by the prosecution against the defendant. Head to TopLocals to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer.


Deciding sentencing


If the defendant is found guilty and sentenced to incarceration for a specific period of time after accepting a plea bargain, a defense lawyer can argue your case in front of the judge or jury to reduce the duration of the sentence. They could also suggest certain alternatives to incarceration, such as community service. This could help the defendant immensely. 

If you're facing any serious charges, it's best to lawyer up as soon as possible. If you don't have a lawyer, you can quickly connect with an excellent Tucson defense lawyer by browsing the listings on TopLocals. Our service directory lists all the best AZ lawyers on our website, with their quotes and reviews. You can count on us to find you the most suitable defense lawyer in town. 

Some of the kinds of criminal acts for which you can hire a defense lawyer in Tucson, AZ are as follows -


There are instances in which a defense lawyer in Tucson, AZ is also a former prosecutor, so they know how the whole gig works from the other side of the table too. Therefore, they have the necessary insight which could help them build a defense for you. Schedule a free consultation now.

Types of Criminal Defense Lawyers 


Criminal defense lawyers have the foremost goal of defending you against the prosecution charges in Tucson, AZ. However, not all AZ criminal defense law firms deal with criminal cases of all kinds. There are various lawyers with specialized fields. It's important to know what kind of defense attorney does what to know what type of criminal defense attorney to approach. Here are five important types of criminal defense attorneys and related practice areas to know about. To get in touch with any of these lawyers, head to TopLocals, and schedule free consultations with the shortlisted lawyers. 


Self-defense lawyers try to prove that their client’s actions were influenced for their defense or the defense of their family members against harm. Such cases are tricky to prove, as the attorney would have to prove that the aggressor wanted to harm the defendant. The harm could be in the form of a threat of an assault or an assault itself. While such cases may be hard to settle, you may have a fair chance of getting off the hook if you have a skilled attorney arguing your case. TopLocals can help you schedule a free consultation with the best self-defense attorney in Tucson, AZ. 



Intoxication cases are usually associated with disorderly conduct, in which the defendant wasn't aware of the severe consequences of their actions due to being under the influence of alcohol. The intoxication cases are of two types, voluntary intoxication, and involuntary toxication. Likewise, you'd have to contact an attorney that matches your case requirements the best. Although, there are certain lawyers whose practice areas include both voluntary and involuntary intoxication cases.



Coercion lawyers deal with criminal cases where the defendant was forced to do something unlawful. In this case, the clients would have to admit to the fault. The lawyer’s role is to prove how they were forced to perform the unlawful act. You can book a free consultation with a lawyer to know more.

Defense of necessity

Lawyers who deal in defense of necessity cases prove that the defendant thought they had no choice but to commit the crime they have been charged for. The criminal law can defend certain offenders who violated the law for the greater good or to prevent something bad from occurring. To know what this law entails, book a free consultation with a legal group now.


The criminal law would recognize a criminal act as a legitimate offense only if the victim did not give the culprit the consent for the offense. In this light, if the attorney can prove that the defendant had the victim’s consent for the crime they have been charged for, they could get off the hook, as in that case, the criminal offense wouldn't be considered a crime.

However, it should be noted that the victim’s consent should be legally valid for the offense not to be considered a criminal act. Underage, mentally unstable, or intoxicated victims cannot give consent. The consent cases can be of different types, including consent to bodily harm, consent to sexual assault, and other cases. 


There are many more kinds of criminal defense attorneys, including abandonment and withdrawal, mistake of fact, insanity lawyers, and more. Some of these defense cases can be very tricky to prove. Therefore, you'd need to hire a strong Tucson criminal defense representation in town to have any chance of clearing your name or having your punishment reduced. If you're looking to hire an AZ criminal defense group, head to the TopLocals website to pick an attorney from a list of many legal professionals. 

All the top law firms offer free consultations to potential clients. Here is how to browse the listings of AZ criminal defense lawyers on TopLocals if you've been accused of domestic violence, personal injury, high degree murder, drug charges, and criminal acts associated with family law. 


Step 1: Go to the website


Step 2: Navigate to the tab that says "Service Needed" and click on the "Lawyers" tab. 

Step 3: Enter your region’s city or zip code in the following tab, and browse the listings.


The comprehensive listings could compare different professionals that provide legal representation based on their quotes or reviews. A lot of lawyers have a fixed fee, so you can compare the fee of the criminal lawyers and pick the one that suits your budget the best. Contact us to get a free consultation with a legal firm today.

How Much Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Charge?


The fee of AZ criminal defense lawyers varies depending on numerous factors, including how deep you are in the water. You'd be required to pay your attorney much less if it is a misdemeanor charge you are facing instead of a serious offense, such as domestic violence or murder. For a misdemeanor charge, your attorney may charge you anything between $1,500-$3,500 as a flat fee. If there's a possibility for the case to go to trial, then the fee could soar to $3,000-$5,000. As the severity of the charge soars, so does the fee. For possibilities of felony convictions, the price range could be $10,000-$20,000, or even $40,000 and upwards. 

If you want to compare the quotes of different lawyers in Tucson, Arizona, or Pima County, TopLocals can make your job simpler. After comparing several listings, you can find the most suitable AZ Criminal defense Group on our website. We will help you get the best legal representation in the town. We can answer questions of any sort you may have regarding our listings. Simply head to our contact form and connect with us. You can also book a free consultation with a lawyer from our website.


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Our selection process is extremely thorough. We go over the reviews of each law office that we deal with and ensure that they have impeccable ratings and reviews. Next, we work towards ensuring that the law company, as well as the reviews on their services, are 100% trustworthy. You can trust all the companies you see on our website to help you with any legal matter. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with an attorney of your choice to get yourself a solid legal representation. 


Apart from providing listings for lawyers, we also furnish our customers with the listings of various other kinds of professionals. If you require financial services, you can go over our accountant listings. Similarly, you can hire plumbers, general contractors, roofers, photographers, and more from our website. 


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