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EPGD Business Law

EPGD Business Law

We are passionate about entrepreneurs, business owners, and growing businesses. We focus completely on providing a full-service team of advisors, partners, counselors, and attorneys who can guide, protect, defend, and...

777 SW 37th Ave STE 510

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Malescu Law, PA, Business and Immigration Lawyers

Malescu Law, PA, Business and Immigration Lawyers

Malescu Law is a business corporate and immigration law firm, with offices on Brickell Avenue, close to downtown Miami, Florida. Our international business and immigration lawyers in Florida specialize in...

848 Brickell Ave STE 1215

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Mamone Villalon

Mamone Villalon

We are a full-service law firm that assists our clients with matters ranging from litigation involving business torts, complex fraud actions, creditors’ rights, defamation, and post-judgment actions to corporate governance...

100 SE 2nd St., Suite 2000 #26

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Montesino Law

Montesino Law

Montesino Law realizes that its success is dependent upon the success of our clients. Every client at Montesino Law receives personal attention. We welcome the opportunity to learn about our...

5201 Blue Lagoon Dr #800

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Sanchelima & Associates, P.A.

Sanchelima & Associates, P.A.

Sanchelima & Associates, P.A. is generally recognized as one of the leading Intellectual Property firms in South Florida. It is also recognized as one of the nation’s leading law firms...

235 S Le Jeune Rd

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Running a business in Miami, FL is no picnic. If you’re regularly negotiating with investors and clients, you’re bound to face certain disagreements now and then. One of the biggest challenges a business owner faces is dealing with the never-ending legal matters that come with the whole business-running package. This is why all the major companies and businesses in Miami, FL, have full-time professional legal representation to protect their business interests. 


If you’re up against commercial litigation and want legal advice on how to go about it, consulting business lawyers in Miami, Florida is the best course of action. TopLocals can connect you with the best Miami FL business law companies and attorneys in Coral Gables, Miami, FL, and the whole of South Florida. Contact us now for a free consultation.


How Is Hiring Business Law Services Beneficial?


Every state of every country has a business law that everyone in the trading industry needs to abide by. If you’re running a business, you need to stay on top of your country and state’s business law to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities or possible commercial litigation against you. 


Moreover, you would also be required to stay on top of the legal trends and changes, as business law is highly susceptible to change, especially in a country as thriving as the United States in terms of commerce and trade. Consulting with a Miami FL business law firm can have several benefits. 


Facilitate disputes resolution


Conflicts with investors, clients, and other businesses are part and parcel of owning a Miami FL business. Often, certain conflicts could lead to litigation, which can be highly time-consuming and expensive to both parties. This is why an out-of-court settlement in Miami, FL, appears to be the easy way out. This is where a lawyer can provide a favorable solution to both parties by analyzing the FL business law. 


Business lawyers can discuss matters with the other party and their lawyer to resolve disputes without a hitch. If you’re looking to hire Miami FL business lawyers in Miami, Florida, or a law firm in South Florida, head to TopLocals and browse our listings. Contact TopLocals now for a consultation in Miami, FL Law offices.


Help you out of legal troubles.


Entrepreneurs can often find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Miami, FL, which can immensely affect their revenue. Lawsuits are not uncommon in the business world, and not to mention the mental strain such instances can bring about. A Miami FL business law firm would be able to help you out of your troubles by studying the legal system and operating as a criminal defense attorney of sorts. They can protect your rights when you’re facing a lawsuit and even represent you in the court of law. 


TopLocals can assist you in scheduling a free consultation with the best Miami FL business law firm in Fort Lauderdale, North Miami, FL, Miami Dade County, and Broward County. Simply head to our website, and select the service you need, for instance, “real estate lawyer.” Then go on to type your city’s name or the zip code. You will find the contact information of the best business lawyers in the Miami office on our website. Book a consultation today.


Ensure that you don’t make mistakes


If you’ve come up with an idea for your business in Coral Gables, Miami, FL, you might want to consider running it by your lawyer once. Your attorney would understand business law matters better than you and would be able to shed some light on the legal pitfalls of your decision. This way, they can ensure that you steer clear of making any mistake. 


Whether real estate planning, major business transactions, civil issues, foreclosure defense, or high degree personal injury, outstanding lawyers in Miami, FL can advise on the legal pitfalls of every decision you make and every project you work on. This is the reason it is especially relevant if you’re a small business in Miami, FL, and can’t afford legal issues or litigation so early on. Bankruptcy issues are another reason why having a Miami, FL business lawyer on your side can help. Schedule a free consultation in Miami, Florida law offices now.

Ensure that you sign sound contracts


When you sign a contract with other businesses, clients, or a new investor in Coral Gables, FL, you might want to make sure that the contract is sound from a legal point of view. While rookies can have difficulty grasping the legal jargon and vague language of business contracts, business law companies can put the contract under the microscope and analyze it for any legal loopholes in Miami, FL. 


If your lawyer thinks that the contract is airtight, then you would have nothing to worry about. Contact a business lawyer or law firm in Miami, FL today and learn about their practice areas. 


The main practice areas and the related practice areas of Miami, FL, business lawyers include -


  • Commercial Law Attorney
  • Corporate and Securities Law Attorney
  • Banking and Finance law attorney
  • Intellectual Property Law Attorney
  • Tax Law Attorney
  • Labor and Employment Law Attorney
  • Real Estate Law Attorney 
  • Franchise Law Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Law Attorney


Many established Miami, FL business law firms such as Trembly Law Firm serve clients in all the practice areas of business law, while certain firms have specialties. If you’re looking for an attorney in North Miami, FL, Miami Dade County, Coral Gables, FL, or near Hallandale beach, TopLocals can help you with that. We are connected with all the Miami, FL, experienced attorneys. Go to our website, select the legal service you need, and schedule a free consultation. Our company provides value by helping clients connect with credible lawyers specializing in FL business law. 


Our rating service allows you to compare the reviews of different lawyers from one spot and assist you in making the final decision. You can also compare the quotes of each lawyer at TopLocals, and see which legal professional fits your budget. If you require assistance with foreclosure defense, civil issues, personal injury disputes, employment law, real estate, or bankruptcy issues, a business attorney would be able to help you out of all your business woes. 


Go to TopLocals to find a suitable lawyer or law firm for your business in Flagler, ST. We will help you schedule a free consultation at their Miami, Florida Office today. You can learn everything about their practice from our website. 


How Much Do Business Lawyers In Miami, FL Charge?


The cost of business attorneys in Miami, FL, on average, is $325 per hour, but this figure is susceptible to change based on various factors. Business lawyers in Miami, FL, with specific practice areas, could also have varying fees. For instance, an Intellectual Property lawyer could charge you $321 per hour, while a real estate lawyer could charge you about $285 per hour. 


It’s best to compare quotes before you choose a lawyer. TopLocals would give you insight into the prices of all kinds of attorneys. Head to our website to compare different law offices in Miami, FL. You can ask for a precise quote during a consultation with the firm. 


Why Choose TopLocals?


TopLocals is a comprehensive service directory that helps clients connect with a top Miami, Florida Business attorney who has attained a high level of peer recognition. Without a mediator, the clients will have significantly fewer options to choose from. You can choose a business attorney from hundreds of our listings, all of whom are at the top of their field. If you’re looking for a lawyer in Miami, FL, TopLocals will close the gap between you and the best business law firm in town by scheduling a free consultation between the two of you. 


Head to our website, and select “attorneys” services, and then select “Miami, Florida.” You will find several listings of Miami, Florida real estate, and other lawyers on our website, from where you can schedule a free consultation in Miami, FL law offices.  

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